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At TOP-TOY, our objective is zero recalls. However, if at any time it comes to our attention that something is wrong with one of our products, we initiate a recall rather than compromise the safety of children.

Our recall process is transparent and involves close collaboration with suppliers, licensors and relevant authorities to alert them and arrange for necessary actions.

A full overview of all recalls in the last 5 years is available below.

Oball Rattle-ball (2017)


Kids II recalls the Oball Rattle-ball due to choking hazard

Risk: Small parts may fall out of the rattle chamber. The small parts are a choking hazard for children below 3 years.

Recalled Product: Kids II, Inc. Oball Rattles 81031 (Rattle Ball) sold to consumers after January 1st 2016 containing one chamber with only orange beads and the following traceability numbers: T3065, T0486, T1456, T2316 and T2856. The traceability number is located on a small triangle on the inside of the ball.

Precaution: Consumers should immediately remove the recalled rattle balls from children and contact Kids II for a full refund.

For more information:




The FASHION ANGELS HAIR CHOX (item no. 144043) as shown on the picture does not meet the legal requirement with regard to the instruction being in local language. As a consequence of this we have decided to stop selling the product.

If you have bought the product and would like to return it to us, please contact your local store for a full refund.

It is essential to us that our customers trust the quality and safety of our products. Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover products that are not compliant with the legal regulations.

TOP-TOY A/S, Delta Park 37, 2665 Vallensbæk Strand, Danmark

OUTRA PLAY 3-in 1 swing (2016)

outraswing1 outraswing2

Have you purchased this OUTRA PLAY 3-in 1 swing, item no. 472471 , in TOYS”R”US or BR? Then you should return it in a store from the chain you bought it in and get your money back.

We have received inquiries from customers who have experienced that the rope of the swing can slide if the weight is pushed ahead of the swing, e.g. if the child leans forward while being swung. At worst, the child can tip over and hang upside down.

Therefore, we have taken our precautions and asked the supplier to recall the product from our stores.

We have sold a total of 113 of these swings in the Nordic countries between April 1 and May 31 2016.

If you have any questions about the recall, you can call +45 46 16 36 56 or email
All other OUTRA PLAY swings are completely safe.

On behalf of NSH Nordic (provider of the 3-in-1 swing, 472047)

TOP-TOY A / S, Delta Park 37, 2665 Vallensbæk Strand, Denmark

Spin Master Sulley Monster Mask (NORSTAR, 2014)

Spin Master Sulley Monster Mask (08-Aug-2014)

NORSTAR voluntarily recalls the Spin Master Sulley Monster Mask showed, as it does not meet the flammability requirements. The Hungarian authorities have conducted a test showing that some of the Spin Master Sulley Monster Masks do not meet the requirements of the EU Flammability standard EN71-2:2012.

Spin Master has commissioned a 3rd party independent risk assessment by a toy safety expert from the UK that concludes that the overall probability of health/safety damage is very low. From 2013 till early 2014 Spin Master has sold about 65,000 units in the EU and about 400,000 units globally. No injury whatsoever has been reported in the EU, nor worldwide.

As a precautionary measure Spin Master is recalling the product from sales.

It is essential to us that our customers trust our products quality and safety. Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover products that are not complaint with the legal regulations or our own strict requirements.

Rapunzel Wig (2014)

Rapunzel Wig (19-Feb-2014)

NORSTAR voluntarily recalls the Rapunzel Wig showed, as it does not meet the flammability requirements in the Toy Safety Standard.

Our spot check has showed that a production (#105301) of the wig does not meet the self-extinguishing requirement in the Toy Safety Standard EN71-2. It burns significantly longer than permitted thus increasing the risk of an accident if a child wears the wig in the vicinity of candles or open fire.

The recall of the Rapunzel wigs is for the above production lot only, delivered to our customers in January and February 2014. Previous lots have been tested and found in accordance with the Toy Safety Standard.

It is essential to us that our customers trust our products quality and safety. Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover products that are not complaint with the legal regulations or our own strict requirements.


TOP-TOY recalls  from customers (2013 – 11 – 07)


TOP-TOY voluntarily recalls the DISNEY PRINCESS shoes shown below, as the white soles underneath the shoes contain the phthalate DEHP which is banned in toys.

A similar problem has been discovered in France and reported on RAPEX, and TOP-TOY decided to conduct an internal test. Based on this test, TOP-TOY contacted the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and they confirmed our assessment. Moreover, they agreed that the risk is very low. DEHP’s main route of exposure is through the mouth and in this product DEHP is located in the white soles underneath the shoes.

It is essential to us that our customers trust our products quality and safety. Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover questionable issues.

Recall report:

Name of product: DISNEY PRINCESS shoes

Supplier: RUBIE’S

Bar code: 5766184324237, 5766187087542, 5766187087559, 5766187087566 and 5766187087573)

Testing Period: 23rd October to 30th October 2013

Incidents: No records

Primarily sold: In our BR Toys stores and TOYS”R”US stores and to our NORSTAR customers.

Further information:

Communications Manager Liselotte Gjerdrum Carlsen,, +45 51393823

Product Safety Manager Jon Vastrup,, +45 51393825

Smurf Moodlight 10cm (NORSTAR, 2012)

NORSTAR recall: potential hazard in Smurf Moodlight 10cm (2012-10-19)


NORSTAR voluntarily recalls all Smurf Moodlight 10 cm following the discovery, by its internal quality control team, of the easy removal of the battery lid which may lead to serious or fatal consequences for a child gaining access to the button cell batteries located inside the lamp (more specifically when ingesting the button cell battery). There have been no incidents to date. To prevent any incidents from occurring, NORSTAR is acting with precaution and is requesting customers to destroy all Smurf Moodlight 10 cm. Approximately 15.000 units of the product were purchased by customers in the Nordic countries since April 2011.

NORSTAR asks customers who have bought the Smurf Moodlight 10 cm (Bar code 8717624274039) to destroy the lamp or return it to NORSTAR and get a refund. Please contact,,,


Today, NORSTAR announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. This recall is coordinated with the following authorities: Danish Safety Technology Authority

Name of product: Smurf Moodlight 10 cm

Units: 15.000

Producer: KMB International BV

Hazard: Easy removal of lamp lid leading to access to button cell batteries located inside the lamp

Incidents / injuries: No record

Description: The recall involves Smurf Moodlight 10 cm lamp (Bar code 8717624274039)

Primarily sold in the following stores: Netto, Bauhaus, Bilka, BabySam and Lekmer (in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland)

Manufactured in: China

For further information, please contact:

Product Safety Manager, Jon Vastrup, mobile: +45 51393825, email:

Communications Manager, Anne Dorte Erstad Jorgensen, mobile: +45 51393802, email:

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